Football Is Too Exciting

Honestly, I never thought I’d say that. Football has never been of interest to me but now money is involved, I find myself watching match of the day on a Sunday morning when previously I’d rather stick pins in my eyes.

For this reason amongst others, I’m taking a break from trading football to focus on other areas (Tennis and pre-race trading specifically). In the most recent Betfair Trading Community podcast, I chat with Martin Futter about the extreme variance trading football brings. Even if all indicators are pointing towards a goal, they very often do not happen.

There’s 22 players on a pitch so arguably it will be more chaotic than in a 1v1 tennis match!


My brains a little foggy so I’ll summarise my exit from football in a few points

  • Variance is all over the place
  • So far, my portfolios haven’t shown enough consistent profit for the time spent
  • Football is the biggest sport in the UK so there are A LOT of clued up traders you are competing with.
  • Unsociable hours – I’ve spent many evenings and weekends trading football when I could be with friends/family.


Written by laurencestanley