Betfair Trading Community Review

Betfair Trading Community came to my attention after hearing about it in the Betcast Podcast with Martin Futter. The concept sounded great and I was eager to see where it would take me. Within 5 minutes of listening to the podcast I was signed up and in conversation with the admins of the community who are extremely helpful in getting me started.

This is not a get rich quick scheme

But it’s pretty close! If you make the most of the forum by asking as many questions as you can and following other peoples advice, you will see your profits rise. I know, because that’s exactly what happened to me within 1 month of joining.

What sports are covered?

Every sport is open for discussion at BTC. The main five being Football, Horse Racing, Cricket, Tennis and NFL. If you want to trade on the Strictly Come Dancing winner market, I’m sure there’s room for that too! Personally I like to get stuck in to the Football threads as it is very active every day with tonnes of great tips/stats thrown around.

Is it a scam?

It’s the question everyone asks when paying for anything finance/gambling related online and quite rightly so too. Payments are made via a secure 3rd party gateway and the admins are always at hand if you have any questions.

Looking to chat with professional sports traders? Look no further.

There is a healthy amount of pro traders active on BTC every day. I’d say the majority of the community are trading as a secondary income but seem to be doing very well at it.

The verdict:

At £3 for the first month and £7 after that, it’s a no-brainer. If you even vaguely put some effort in to read the information provided on the site/forum, it will more than pay for itself in the first few weeks and you’ll have a good laugh while your at it!

Join Now!

Do you seriously need more convincing?!?

I’ll just let some trade screenshots from the community speak for themselves…

11060926_10100358417922158_4367413430906855772_n watford


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on Skype at: laurence.stanley and I’ll be happy to chat.

Click Here to sign up at the Betfair Trading Community website!

Written by laurencestanley