Why Traders Should Not Share Exact Strategies

Let me be clear, there are a lot of community strategies out there that lots of people work together on and that is brilliant. However, individuals within these groups are almost always using their own judgement on top of the community strategy.

This “judgement” sounds very mysterious and is often credited to “gut feelings” and the like. If you spend 5 minutes reading any credible physcology sources on “gut feeling” you will soon learn that this feeling is actually composed of multiple subconscious decisions.

Can you fully justify every trade you make?

From what I gather, one of the keys to becoming a better trader is to understand these subconscious decisions you are making and become aware of your thought processes. Preferably, to a point where you can write down reasons behind every judgement call you make. Developing this skill will help you spot opportunities more clearly and understand why you have gone wrong when the bad times roll.

In essence, 99.9% of trading strategies will never be shared with anyone.

It’s not just that traders shouldn’t share exact strategies. The fact is that most traders cannot share their individual strategy because they do not even understand it themselves. This is especially true for beginners!

Share less, create more

Despite the controversial title, I am a big believer in people working together in this industry to develop new methods. Unfortunately, some people are only interested in “click and go” strategies that they have read online or bought from dodgy websites. You will never get far this way as in order to develop an edge over the competition, you actually have to work for it. Do some research, trial a new sport. Sounds obvious doesn’t it? Apparently not!

Let me know your thoughts

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Written by laurencestanley