What happens when you’re winning? You’d be suprised!

Ever felt on top of the world, unstoppable or a big boost in confidence when a winning bet comes off? Well, there’s a reason why this happens and unfortunately, it’s not as great as it feels!

Cocaine and Morphine.

Believe it or not, the same parts of your brain are activated when you are winning money and when you are under the influence of Cocaine or Morphine. Now, I’m not suggesting you wrap up a speedball to check for yourselves but let’s think about how this effects our betting.

Users of these drugs often feel extreme levels of confidence and comfort amongst other feelings. We know that being over confident for one, is very dangerous when betting. Exactly the same can be said for being over comfortable. We begin to get lazy and not stick rigidly to our betting plan, we miss out vital parts of information because we “have a feeling” that we’re doing the right thing.


How can you combat this?

Most people will suggest doing some exercise after a big win, this is a great way to “reset” your brain after an emotional time. If you haven’t got time to exercise (rubbish excuse!), take a few deep breaths to settle you down and practise some mindful breathing techniques for a few minutes. 10 minutes is optimal but even 2 or 3 will have an effect. This helps strengthen the decision part of your brain which will help you to not act on emotional impulse.

In summary: Be careful when you win, it can be just as dangerous as losing. Take some time out and be self-observant before you get back to winning!

Written by laurencestanley