Recent & Upcoming eSports Betting Opportunities

The past few weeks have been crazy. So many great eSports betting opportunities, it has been unreal.



Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is definitely my favourite eSport right now by far so I’ll talk about it in more depth than other games.


A couple of weeks ago we had the biggest tournament of the year, the ESL Majors with a prize pool of $1,000,000. It was the first time a North American team (Team Liquid) had ever made it to the finals. We also had a great upset of Fnatic being knocked earlier than expected. They are arguably one of the best known eSports teams in the world. The former champions from the last Major, SK Gaming (formerly Luminosity Gaming) took the crown once again for their second Major win. Check out the highlights of this years event below.


Since the Majors, we have had some minor tournaments/qualifiers here and there but nothing too exciting. Starting tomorrow, we have the eLeague Quarter Finals featuring EnVyUs, Fnatic, Navi & Cloud 9. Both games will be best of 3’s (bo3’s) so they can last anywhere between 2 hours – 4.5 hours each! That’s 9 hours of quality Counter-Strike betting 🙂 I say quality because there is a great amount of stats available on all of these teams performance. Some of these teams can easily play 20+ maps per month so we can get a very clear idea of which maps they are good at playing at this moment in time.

It’s important to remember that none of the maps played tomorrow will be announced shortly before the event. I would refrain from betting until you know exactly what maps are being played and which team has the best performance on each map.

Because of the scale of eLeague, you should be able to bet in play using most big name bookies. As I’ve mentioned before, betting on eSports in play can be extremely profitable. Odds an swing very high out despite a team losing just the 1st 3 rounds of a 30 round game.


Call of Duty

There aren’t many Call of Duty games that you can bet on but occasionally they show up on the bookies feeds. The other night I was watching Infusion vs Splyce (Splyce also have a CS:GO team so the name caught my eye). The odds for Infusion were around 6.5 and it was clear they were doing very well, not just from the score line but the commentators were going nuts saying “we have never seen anything like this”.

Let that be a lesson if you are unfamiliar with an eSport, or any sport for that matter! Listen to the commentary and you will learn A LOT about the game. I’ve been watching eSports for a long time but some of these guys on the mic have literally been going to LAN parties since primary school. They will notice things you won’t and it can have a big effect on your P/L.


Starcraft 2


Starcraft is quite a handy eSport to bet on if you prefer to bet during the morning/day. Most games are played over in Asia which makes for some nice 10am betting opportunities. I’ve mostly been monitoring the games recently/browsing through stats but it is clear there are plenty of good value odds around.

We managed to back the 2nd best player in the world at 1.20 against an UNRANKED player who had lost something like 5/6 of his recent games. If this was tennis, those odds would be right down to 1.05 or below… Sure enough, he absolutely trashed the other chap and the bet won.

Like tennis, Starcraft 2 is a 1 vs 1 player game unlike other eSports that tend to involve 10 people per game. This makes life a little easier for us bettors as we don’t have to worry about roster changes/how many of the 5 players on a team are injured! The only difficulty however, is that most of the media coverage is in Korean.


Other Thoughts & Games

There have been plenty of League of Legend games on this week also but I haven’t had too much time to research them as life has gotten in the way a little!

It’s been great to see some of the new members at see their first of many profits this week. My fiance really doesn’t want to listen to me talking about how crazy Team Liquids odds were when they played Dust2, so it does help to have some other people to chat too who are interested in eSports!

I appreciate this post has been a bit of ramble but there are plenty more structured articles in the pipeline to help you make some money from eSports betting too. It can be a very daunting world, especially if you have never played the games before. With that in mind, I suggest you dust off your PC and start playing some games and call it “homework”. Pretty soon, it could be paying your bills!

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Written by laurencestanley