Sports Trading Books

Although there is a wealth of information about sports trading online, sometimes it’s nice to read a book. Perhaps it makes you look more clever, perhaps you actually learn something. Either way, they’re pretty good. Here’s a list of a few that are sat on my bookshelf and have really helped me become a better sports trader. You will notice that some are not primarily about sports but are still gambling/trading/psychology related and WILL help you become a better sports trader. I am not going to recommend any  book that I haven’t found helpful or enjoyed reading myself.

Zen & The Art of Poker – Larry W. Phillips

Obviously, this little gem is centred around the world of poker but too many of the points in here are closely related to sports trading. It just could not be left out of the list. I don’t even play poker myself (professionally, anyway) but have found this book to really help get myself in the right frame of mind before a long days trading.

Sports Trading on Betfair – Wayne Bailey

Great book covering some psychology and sports trading strategies. It even has a few paragraphs on a financial trading strategy which might open your eyes a little bit to other options! In my opinion, this book is most helpful if you are thinking about trading horses pre-race. It talks about crossover points, ladder interfaces and pretty much all you need to know to get started!

Sports Betting to Win – Steve Ward

Very easy read but there are some great nuggets to be found. Steve is a “High Performance Coach” and has worked with financial traders, Poker players and sports bettors to increase their mental game and help them become more profitable. I had the pleasure of watching him speak at Matchbook Traders Conference and it really helped put a few things into perspective and made me look at trading in a different way.

He has a few other books out as well but this is the only one I’ve got round to reading.

The Perfect Bet – Adam Kucharski

Currently half way through this but it’s already passed the test of being a great gambling related book! It’s more of an easy, enjoyable read than any kind of trading/betting manual. So far I’ve read about lottery syndicates and the origins of horse racing betting. It’s inspiring to say the least! Sometimes it can get a bit dull reading intense trading theory books everyday.

Trading In The Zone – Mark Douglas

The best book on trading psychology. Fact. You’ll see plenty other traders saying the same too! It is strangely expensive but worth every penny as I’m sure you’ll want to read it 10x over and then some more.

Written by laurencestanley