Sports Trading Blogs

When I was starting out I found it quite difficult to find reliable/honest blogs about sports trading on Betfair. So many blogs are set up purely to sell you a shit ebook, betting system or god forbid… “wallet management”. Take a look at the list below for some blogs that I like to read when the football is quiet! I’ll update it as and when.


Jim Makos

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 19.28.09Especially helpful when you need some inspiration/motivation after a bad days trading. His site is extremely easy on the eye and full of quality content. A man of many talents, Jim is a poker player, sports bettor, web publisher, FX trader, videographer, sports trader…. The list goes on.



Ryan, the chap behind Betgreen is also the founder of Betfair Trading Community. He’s had a whole lot of success with sports trading so far and he likes to share it by giving out tips on Tennis & Football trades though the site.

Smart Sports Trader

His site has been online for less than a year but you can already see the great progress he’s making in the world of sports betting/trading. I can relate a lot to his blog as we seem to be overcoming similar problems at similar times! One to keep an eye on.

Written by laurencestanley