One Mindset That Will KILL Your Trading Profits

For the first few months of trading, all I really wanted to know was:

“How much do traders make everyday?”

“How big are pro trader stakes?

“Who makes the most money trading horses?”

I was only focusing on the rewards and bypassing the process. 


Big mistake.

By asking these kind of questions, I was distracting myself from actually learning how to profit. If I saw a trader share his/her winnings on social media, I would immediately try and copy every trade they made.

I knew NOTHING about cricket but if I saw someone profit from it, I would blindly bet on it and hope for the best. Crazy right?!?

It took a long time for me to learn to love the process of trading. Love the process, and you will be rewarded with profits. Love the profits, and you go broke quicker than you can imagine.

You don’t have to be a genius to realise there is a tonne of money to be made trading.

Stop searching the internet to back up your belief that you can make money from this “some day”.

Start learning to love the process and the money will start flowing!



Written by laurencestanley