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Magdeburg Bet 365I had some time to kill during a drive to Bristol on Saturday (I wasn’t the driver!) and thought it would be a good idea to test the waters trading football on the move. I decided to lower my stakes for the day considering I wasn’t using my usual setup. The Bet 365 app provided my in-play stats for the day.

Do your own research and don’t trade on rumours

Clearly (if you see my P/L below), the Chelsea game was my biggest loss of the day. Chelsea odds were extremely low (around 1.4) despite the announcement of Mourinho getting the sack. I’d also “heard” that Chelsea had been doing awful recently so decided to Lay them at 1.4. My plan was to cash out after 20 mins of no goals for profit but of course Chelsea scored in 5 minutes and I was down £20.

If I had looked at their ridiculously good home record, I would have thought twice about this. All credit to David Kettles who in hindsight, had actually pointed this out to me a couple of days ago. I clearly made this trade without too much consideration and it halved my profits for the day.


Trades To Remember

Everton Leicester BetfairNot going to lie… I felt smug as f*** with my trade on the Everton-Leicester game. Everton were clear favourites pre-match right up until they conceded against a penalty. Leicester odds flew down so I got a cheeky lay in. It was incredibly kind of Everton to equalise within 5 minutes and make me an easy tenner.


IMG_6689The Magdeburg game was my favourite of the day as there was a lot of action. Trading Over/Under 1.5/2.5 suited me best with this. I backed over 1.5 at 0-0 and couldn’t decide whether to cash out for profit after the 1st goal. Luckily, my mind was made up for me by another and I won the full profit from the Over 1.5 market. I went in again on over 2.5 as the Bet 365 in-play stats looked promising and won once more.


Saturdays P/L

Saturday Trading ProfitsHorse Trading Update

I’ve been recording my pre-race horse trading using screen-capture software whilst commentating on a mic. It’s been incredibly helpful as it feels like I have to have a solid reason to make any particular trade, which is obviously a good thing. I’d been thinking about writing down my reasons for trades previously but that would have been far too time consuming.

If you trade in Chrome, get yourself Screencastify. It’s really quick and easy to use. Highly reccomended.


Written by laurencestanley