Is Matched Betting Legal?

It’s what everybody wants to know.

In all honesty, it’s a bit of a minefield but putting it simply: If you don’t take the piss, you will be fine.
What Is Matched Betting?

Matched Betting is taking advantage of regular bookmaker offers such as Bet £10, get a £10 free bet. You can guarantee profit REGARDLESS OF THE RESULT if you lay your bets off using an exchange.

The name “Matched Betting” is such because you are literally matching your bets with other people on the exchange so that you have little to no liability.



How Much Money Can You Make Matched Betting?

The sky is the limit really. £20,000 a year is easily achievable if you take advantage of the welcome offers and all of the regular weekly offers. You could get lucky and win £1k+ in a few seconds on a risk free slot machine offer.



Is It Legal?

“Bonus Abuse” as the bookies describe it, is against their terms and conditions. This does not necessarily mean it is illegal.

If they offer you a £100 free bet for signing up with them, you have every right to take it. Ever seen supermarkets send you “£10 off if you spend £30”? I get these through my door almost daily and it’s exactly the same thing. I’ve never seen anyone get arrested for regularly taking coupons to Tesco’s. By offering these welcome promotions, bookies are trying to attract new business just like the supermarkets.

It’s none of the bookies business if you place a separate lay bet in an exchange to lower your liability.

If you’re unsure, do your own research and seek legal advice.




Written by laurencestanley