ICE 2017 – Chat with Peter Webb of Bet Angel

A few weeks ago I decided to pop down to ICE 2017 at the Excel in London. In summary, it’s an international gaming conference. It was mainly packed with the latest slot machine technology. Rows upon rows of slot machines with integrated massage chairs and mini fridges etc.

It was great to get outside and actually talk to other people in the industry. Sometimes it can get quite lonely playing with spreadsheets by yourself! Peter Webb needs no introduction but incase you don’t know, he is the chap behind Bet Angel and has tonnes of great YouTube videos explaining various aspects of sports trading.

I’ve watched hours of his videos so I felt very fortunate to be able to ask him a few questions. Here’s part of our chat where he asks me a few questions about esports:

It was nice to see that there were 3 or 4 stands that featured esports quite heavily. Peter also uploaded another interesting vid where he explains ICE in more detail and gives you a little tour:

If I’m free at the same time next year, I’ll definitely make my way to ICE 2018. Despite all the slot machine nonsense, there is a lot to learn and some very interesting companies exhibiting. All in all, it was a great eye opener into the gaming industry!

Bet Angel

To hear more from Peter Webb or to learn more about the Betfair trading software Bet Angel, visit the following links:

Written by laurencestanley