How To Burn £50 on Betfair

I thought for quite a while as to if I should publish these results. Obviously I want to be transparent and I don’t mind posting losses (they do happen) but rarely do I have this many in a row! Hopefully, this will make you feel a little better if you’re still in shock from going back to work after the Christmas break 🙂

The P/L quite clearly shows I need to put the laptop down for the night so I won’t be analysing any of the trades in this post, but something does need to change after results like these!

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 21.22.05

In summary, if you want to lose some quick money on Betfair:

  • Try to do a few other things at the same time. Preferably something intensive like a competitive CSGO match.
  • Completely ignore previous game stats. Takes up waaayy to much time.
  • Trade on unreliable leagues. The younger the players, the better. U17’s preferable.

Luckily a tidy bit of matched betting made up for this but my ego is a little bruised to say the least.

Written by laurencestanley