Football Index Tips

Football Index Tips

Football Index is a fairly new site that lets you buy/sell football player futures.

Football Index Tips

I’d suggest putting a portion of your trading bank into buying the Top 100 players (currently priced at £305.82 on 11/3/16) or even the Top 25 (£107.12 on 11/3/16) if you can’t put that much in. The index is likely to grow as the company expands and more people start trading on their system. They are currently only available to UK customers but I am expecting prices will rise across the board when they open to European customers.

Buying the Top 100 players instead of trading individually is much easier to manage, especially if you aren’t clued up about who’s who. You are essentially betting that whole index will become more popular and if you look at the online feedback so far, there are a lot of people shouting about it!



Football Index TrendingTry watching a “big game” live and keep an eye out for game changing goals, especially from unknown players. The Manchester derby yesterday for example saw a big price rise for Marcus Rashford (scored the only goal of the game). He just so happened to be the youngest scoring player in any Manchester derby. The moment that goal went in would have been a great time to buy before everybody else jumps on the bandwagon. Fastest finger first!



Since writing, it seems as if a lot of other people are having trouble selling players, especially when they are going down in price. Luckily, you can now choose “Instant Sell” when selling a player and you can sell them immediately at a slightly smaller cost.

Written by laurencestanley