Football betting Tips: What The Tipsters Don’t Want You To Know

Want to make consistent profits betting on football? Let me tell you something…

STOP searching the web for football betting tips. 


Because all of those supposed successful tipsters out there literally profit from your losing bets. It is in their interest for you to lose. You heard that right. They will not make money if they give out winning tips.

The banners all over their websites for bookies such as Bet365, Ladbrokes are all affiliate links. If you sign up to a bookie after clicking those links, they get a cut of your overall losses. Why would they bother spending hours researching winning football bets on a daily basis if this is the case? They are better off tipping extremely high odds teams that are more than likely to lose. 


Some bookies will just pay for a sign-up and not give commission on losses. Even still, it’s not in the “tipsters” interest for you to win.


As the readers of this blog have quite rightly pointed out, there are tipping services out there that are profitable and proven so by independent services. As always, do your own research 🙂

Written by laurencestanley