Researching eSports Maps Before Betting

The following post only really applies to First Person Shooter (FPS) eSports such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Call of Duty (CoD) etc.


Struggling to find an edge in the world of eSports betting? You shouldn’t be!

“Map Form” is one of the biggest factors for a team winning a game. Period.

If you are familiar with certain tennis players performing better on different grounds such as grass & clay, you should be able to relate to this. FPS eSports are played on different maps depending on the tournament set up. Usually, both teams in a game will be able to decide the maps played via a veto process on the day. For example:

  • Team A veto’s Map 1
  • Team B veto’s Map 3
  • Team A picks Map 2
  • Team B picks Map 4

The veto process above suggests that Team A are not confident on Map 1 but are confident on Map 4. It could also suggest that they know Team B are strong on Map 1, hence the veto.


Certain maps are better suited to certain types of play.

"Long" area of the CS:GO Map; Dust 2.

“Long” area of the CS:GO Map; Dust 2 – Perfect for teams with good long distance aim!

If you’re a tennis player who is great at attacking and has big serves, you will be arguably better suited to grass courts. eSport maps work in a similar fashion. Some teams are extremely good at using sniper rifles, (also known as AWP’s in CS:GO) and because of this will perform better on maps with more open space. Thus, they are likely to perform worse on maps with lots of close encounter spaces.



If you’re not researching the maps before betting, you are betting blind.

Information on team map performance is easily available throughout the web and you would be silly not to consider them when placing a bet. More times than I can remember, I’ve seen complete underdogs destroy larger teams in games where they have a great track record on a certain map.

Virtus Pro Map Statistics

Would you bet on this team to win a game on the map “Cache”?! I wouldn’t!

This is just the one of many ways we can profit from eSports betting!


Written by laurencestanley