CS:GO MLG Betting

With CS:GO MLG Tournament beginning in 30 minutes, I thought it was rather apt to post some of my bets for the day ahead. Better late than never they say!

Team 1 Team 2 Odds Notes
Virtus Pro G2 ESports 1.9 Bookie odds are all over the place with this one. Some bokies (quite rightly) have G2 at 1.62 but Betway seem to be smoking crack by offering them at 1.9. Great value bet. Virtus Pro are getting Rekt in ESL whereas G2 are in a strong position
Luminosity MouseSports 1.33 Luminosity beat MouseSports last h2h. Much stronger team in general with higher K/D ratio overall. MS also on small losing run currently
Faze Liquid 2.5 Liquid are the stronger team according to past 3 months performance. Higher K/D and higher win rate. Despite this, Reddit think it will be an even match which at worst, would make this a good value bet at odds of 2.5
Envyus CLG 5.8 Last 3 months of match data suggests that these teams are very closely matched with Envyus ever so slightly better. The market clearly favours Envyus but that could just be because of the KennyS fan club / bigger marketing budget.


Written by laurencestanley