100% Attention & Stop Losses Required

Football Trading Profits

I would have been much better off yesterday if I had used stop losses. I have no excuse for not using them. At one point whilst swing trading, I was down £17 (and about 12 ticks) after getting on exactly the wrong side of a fast market move. A stop loss would have cut my losses much sooner. Arguably more important is the attention required to trade safely and efficiently.

After a busy day at work and other commitments, I really didn’t have any time or mental energy to trade but I jumped on it anyway. Big mistake and I am lucky it didn’t cost me anything overall. It only takes a second for a market to start swinging in the wrong direction.

Football Profits:

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I won’t be buying a new car with these profits but I was quite happy with how the day went. Some games (especially the Beneficia game) were just not meant to be, despite the shots on target. Although I was a couple of trades away from making a loss, I feel comfortable knowing that my fate was more in the hands of variance instead of my usual poor decision making.

It’s worth noting that a lot of people do not recommend trading on Under 21’s/19’s games due to their inconsistency. I will be following this advice from now on as a newcomer, I’d be silly not to!

Horse Trading Profits:

I was lucky not to loose anything with these trades as I really was not paying attention. Stupid move.

Horse Trading Profits

Written by laurencestanley