1 Week of eSports Betting – Here’s What Happened!

Long time no speak!

For the last few weeks I’ve been banging on about eSports. Why? Because it’s f*cking amazing an incredibly fast growing area, so much so that the bookies cannot keep up with it! This leaves us bettors with plenty of opportunities.

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– Player for team Virtus Pro

The beginning of the week saw the return of the CS:GO ESL Majors in Cologne. For those unfamiliar, that is basically the world cup for a first person shooter game called Counter-Strike. There have been matches on from 10am – 11pm most days this week and I have been watching each one of them and betting at multiple opportunities throughout each game.

It’s been tiring but I’ve learnt A LOT. A few things I’ve realised:

  • Bookies still don’t seem to put any research in to the odds or if they do, they’re wrong anyway.
  • A betting/staking plan go a long way to having consistent profits.
  • The interest from other bettors has been huge. Horse racing/football markets are incredibly efficient at pricing games correctly.
  • Bookies aren’t limiting accounts for eSports betting. Not yet anyway! Please do get in touch if you’ve had this happen to you.

I’ve been genuinely amazed at how well this week has gone. Having games back to back all day everyday has allowed me to test lots of different strategies and angles. One such strategy won 12/13 bets at average odds of 1.81. Of course, that’s an incredibly small sample size but it gives me some confidence!

Talking of confidence… Too much of it is always a bad thing. There’s definitely still some work to be done on my ego. I got a little too cocky today and lost a fair bit on one game. I had over staked but spread it across multiple markets so essentially I fooled myself!

There is no such thing as a sure bet…

Have you bet on eSports before? How’s it gone? Let me know in the comments section below 🙂


Written by laurencestanley