It’s Been a While…

Time Does Fly

Wow, time really does fly if you’re not paying attention!

I seriously cannot believe that my first post on this blog was December 2014 and it’s now January 2017!

A lot has changed in business/trading and especially personal life. A couple of months ago I became a Dad to our first baby (girl!). It has changed my life a lot, primarilly because I now get much less sleep and I have to be a bit more sensible with money. Of course, that has taken a big impact on my trading. I’ve practically stopped all horse trading as at this stage, it takes a lot of mental energy that I have very little of at the moment anyway! In hindsight, I should perhaps have at least continued paper trading horses but hopefully the break will allow me to come back in full force with a new perspective on the markets. I’ve still been fairly active in the football markets and although they are rarely listed on the exchange, betting on eSports through the bookies.

Posting frequently on the blog really helped me progress and I’ll definitely be doing more of it in the near future for my own sake, regardless of if it makes for boring content. I’ve done very little goal setting recently aother than making sure I earn enough to pay the bills etc so perhaps I’ll set some big ones!

Not much more to say, but plenty to be getting on with.




I’m still not a millionaire…


Written by laurencestanley