Laurence StanleyHi, I’m Laurence and welcome to my blog! I’m a sports trader & bettor who specialises in eSports betting. I  hope you’ll find this blog useful by learning from my (many) mistakes and hopefully encouraging to see that sports trading is accessible to everyone, no matter what your background.

Until this year I knew nothing about Football and even less about Horse Racing yet,  slowly but surely I am profiting from these sports. Nowadays I focus mainly on eSports as I’ve been playing computer games all my life and it’s growing at an incredible rate. I can’t wait to see how big eSports will be in 10 years time!

Primarily this blog is here to help other new traders in similar positions but in part, it is to help me evaluate my trades and improve from my mistakes. I highly recommend starting a trading diary no matter what level you are at.

Please do send in your feedback (and blogs if you have them!), it’s always good to hear from other traders.

Happy trading,